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Access Statement

Inventive Web have worked hard to ensure this website offers maximum accessibility to all its users. We aim for the site to comply with all W3C Priority AA guidelines, and the majority of W3C Priority AAA guidelines.

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Access keys are a navigation device enabling you to get around this web site using your keyboard.

In-depth information about access keys can be found at W3C Accessibility Guidelines.

Available access keys

This site uses a setup that closely matches most international recommendations on access keys. These are:

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Using access keys in different web browsers

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Accessibility Statement

We have undertaken to use our knowledge and understanding of the ways in which different people access the Internet, to develop a web site that is clear and simple for everybody to use.


We have used XHTML 1.0 and CSS that conforms to specification, as laid out by theW3C because we believethat usability and accessibility must have a solid foundation. If anything on this web site does not validate correctly, please contact us.

We have also endeavoured to achieve AA accessibility as measured against version 1.0 of theWCAG. We are aware however, that a number of the checkpoints of the WCAG are subjective - and although we are sure that we have met them squarely, there may be instances where interpretation may vary.