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An aerial view of Sandy Cove Hotel in the late afternoon showing The Venue and outdoor wedding seating


Unveiling the magic of Ilfracombe! Discover beaches, coasteering, history, family fun & more.
Weddings in Devon | Wedding Prep Suite | The Venue
Published on 6 June 2024 Weddings
Discover how to create a calming routine & explore our luxurious Wedding Prep Suite at The Sandy Cove Hotel, Ilfracombe.
Weddings in Devon | Open Day | The Venue
Published on 2 May 2024 Weddings
Plan your dream coastal wedding! Open Day at The Venue, Sandy Cove Hotel. Breathtaking views, exclusive offers, free entry and more.
Weddings in Devon | Best Time of Year to get Married | The Venue
Published on 15 April 2024 Weddings
Discover the best time of year to get married in the UK. From enchanting spring ceremonies to cosy winter celebrations, explore the best seasons for your special day.
Discover the best views in North Devon - from dramatic cliffs to rolling hills, plan your unforgettable adventure with our insider guide.
Weddings in Devon | Your Ultimate Guide | The Venue
Published on 12 February 2024 Weddings
With its rolling hills, stunning coastline and beautiful beaches, it's no surprise that weddings in Devon are becoming increasingly popular.
Dive into the ultimate guide for surfing in Devon! From tides to wetsuits, we have the tips to ride the waves like a pro. Discover the thrills of Devon's coastline and make Sandy Cove your base camp for a surf-filled adventure.
Ready to plan your dream wedding without the stress? Check out our wedding planning tips for a seamless day.
Introducing our new website!
Published on 11 December 2023
Rediscover the essence of coastal escapes at Sandy Cove Hotel, your gateway to unforgettable experiences in North Devon.