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A bride and groom on Broadsands Beach near Sandy Cove Hotel on their wedding day

7 Tips for planning a wedding by the coast

With the wonderfully rugged scenery and fresh sea air, it’s no wonder why we all love a coastal wedding! As self-proclaimed experts in coastal wedding planning, we’ve put together a list of top tips for anyone planning a wedding by the coast.

Outdoor wedding seating area overlooking the bay at The Venue, Sandy Cove Hotel

Check Venue Licensing

There are a few rules when it comes to where you can get married in the UK. The good news is these rules have relaxed a little recently and you can now have the whole ceremony outside in the venue’s grounds assuming they are licensed to do so. Whether you’re planning a Marriage Ceremony or a Civil Partnership, be sure to check with your chosen venue or the approved premises list.

The bride and groom's table inside the Venue at Sandy Cove Hotel

Have a Back-Up Plan

As Mother Nature can be a little unpredictable, it’s worth having a back up plan in case of bad weather. Ideally, this would be easy to action, allowing you to make the decision last-minute if needed. We all hope for great weather for our outdoor weddings, but getting married by the coast can be truly magical whatever the weather. Plus, there’s almost always a break in any bad weather to capture those all important wedding photos!

A groom posing for photographs on the platform overlooking the bay at Sandy Cove Hotel's The Venue

Pick Your Wedding Attire Wisely

Do you expect to get married during a heatwave? Or is there a possibility of you wanting a few photos by the sea? Think about how much time you may spend outside and how easy it will be to tackle the coastline in your dress or suit – not forgetting footwear!

A wedding party gathered around the Gazebo at The Venue, Sandy Cove Hotel

Look After Your Guests

Let your guests know that your wedding will be by the sea and allow them to plan their outfits accordingly. You could also help them along with sunglasses, sandals, or even an Order of Service in the shape of a fan to help them cool off!

A wedding sign made of drift wood and lobster pots outside The Venue at Sandy Cove Hotel

Think About the Decor

Even in the height of the Summer, coastal weddings can often be quite breezy. Whilst this is often welcomed on a hot day, it can affect delicate wedding decor! Consider sturdy items such as lanterns and flower arches to line the aisle and frame your ceremony. Weddings by the sea also provide a great theme for inside the venue as you continue into the night!

A groom checking his watch under the wedding gazebo at Sandy Cove Hotel

Consider Timings

Coastal sunsets are absolutely stunning. Be sure to take advantage by planning a few shots of the two of you when the time comes, or simply enjoy a moment together away from the party to take it all in.

A bride and groom about to share a kiss under the bride's veil at Sandy Cove Hotel

Brief Your Photographer

Are there a few special views or specific shots you’d like to be captured on your big day? Discuss these with your photographer to make sure you’re both clear on the ‘must-haves’. Your venue may be able to recommend a photographer who has experience with your chosen location and will already know how to navigate the venue for all the best wedding photos.

Considering a coastal wedding? Take a look at our wedding packages, or get in touch to discuss your special day: [email protected]