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Fishing rod with sea and sunset in the background

The best places for fishing in North Devon

Why North Devon?

North Devon is an angler's paradise. Its unique location offers a dual fishing experience - from sea to river. The diverse landscape boasts a vibrant marine life, providing endless opportunities for both beginners and seasoned fishermen.

The region's mild climate makes it possible to fish all year round - from saltwater fishing off the coast to fly fishing in beautiful rivers and lakes near Exmoor, the options are simply endless.

North Devon's fishing opportunities are not to be missed.

Sunset over the boats at Watermouth on the North Devon coast

Dive into North Devon's top fishing spots

Unravel Lynmouth's fishing secrets

A fantastic spot, Lynmouth is much more than just rough waters and massive boulders. If you're careful enough with the slippery rocks and unpredictable waves, you'll find a goldmine of Grey Mullet and Bass.

This spot is a favourite, even in the winter, thanks to abundant codling and dogfish. Yes, it demands caution, but the catch is undeniably rewarding.

Go a bit further to the river mouth, and you may snag the larger bass. Remember, the joy is in the adventure as much as the catch. And Lynmouth doesn't disappoint on either front.

Explore the ocean-depths at Hartland

Ah, Hartland! If you're ready for some vigorous adventure and stunning scenery, this is where you need to be. Remarkable cliffs outline the spectacular coastline, serving as sentinels safeguarding one of North Devon's finest angling spots.

With their varied underground structures and outcrops, Hartland Point and Hartland Quay create a beautiful haven for chunky bass craving for crustaceans and baitfish in the shallows.

Remember, approach Hartland's spots with caution - while the fishing is fantastic, the terrain can often be treacherous. But, with the right safety measures, Hartland's rugged charm and fish bounty will surely lure you in. The rewards? Well, wait until you cast that line!

Relish the rewarding fishing experience at Morte Point

Morte Point, another jewel in North Devon's crown, is noted for its robust tidal currents and fish-laden coves. This rugged headland on the western edge of Mortehoe village is a superb spot for Light Rock Fishing (LRF).

The gullies are home to specimen wrasse, while the kelp-rich seabed hosts sizable pollock. However, the true challenge lies in avoiding the snags. But surpass this, and you're in for a splendid catch!

A word of caution, though: the rocks can be treacherous, especially around the points, during a swell. So, equip yourself with safety gear and relish this rewarding fishing adventure at Morte Point!

Accept the fishing challenge at Capstone Point

Speaking about challenges, Capstone Point is not for the faint-hearted! Winter fishing here is a unique experience, with catches averaging 10-20 pounds. Can you imagine reeling in heavy Pollock, Bass, and Blonde Rays?

Though the fishing is fantastic, the location demands caution. This spot has slippery rocks and steep cliffs that can lead to accidents if not navigated with care. Avoid becoming the fisherman who lost a tooth (or worse) to the harsh rocks!

But if you're up for an exhilarating challenge, Capstone Point is the spot for you. Sterling views, frothing waves, and buckets full of fish are waiting! Are you ready?

Saunton Rocks & River Torridge - the best catch awaits

Prepare for a dual reward at Saunton Rocks and River Torridge! Saunton Rocks, though treacherous in places, is a fantastic fishing spot for dogfish and bass. Just be careful getting to the water's edge!

On the other end of Saunton Sands, the River Torridge boasts an enticing range of underwater rock features and a high tidal range, making it a hotspot for bass fishing.

Though tricky to navigate, both spots offer a remarkable fishing experience with various species to catch. No matter where your fishing journey in North Devon takes you, make sure Saunton and Torridge are on your list!

Meet your catch at Ilfracombe

Finally, we arrive at Ilfracombe – a treasure trove for any real sea angler. With fishing spots scattered from Hele Bay to Lee Bay, Ilfracombe offers a diverse fishing environment teeming with species like pollock, cod, wrasse, mackerel, and bass.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, a 2-hour reef trip here will let you play a game of tug-of-war with the finest Devon fish.

Want to savour the taste of victory? Well, as long as your catch is edible and of legal size, you can take it home!

Stay with us

What's more, if you're looking for somewhere to relax and unwind after a day of chasing your catch, why not stay with us at the stunning Sandy Cove Hotel. Located on the beautiful North Devon coastline, you're sure to have a stay to remember.

And with that, our tour ends. But remember, the joy of fishing is not just about the catch. It's about the thrill of the chase, the mastery of the elements, and ultimately, the respect for the deep blue beneath. Happy fishing!

An aerial view showing Sandy Cove Hotel and The Venue with the sea in the foreground